Boulderwall e.V.
Deine Spraywall in Freiburg

Welcome to Boulderwall Association

We are a non-profit organization based in Freiburg im Breisgau. The mission of our sports club is to promote advanced sport climbing by providing a best-in-class, customizable training facility for the climbing community. Our particular focus is to develop children, youth and adult athletes in sports climbing at the level of advanced to professionals by providing them with new and modern training infrastructure and equipment. 

Our goal is to create an environment and community that promotes social exchange and collaboration. We represent the principles of ethnic, religious and ideological tolerance and are committed to equal rights for all members.

Our club members have the opportunity to take part in training workshops and training camps and to benefit from improved training infrastructure in the region. We offer individual and flexible training times as well as support for various performance levels in order to be able to support a large climbing community. Our goal is to offer a facility for all levels of climbers, from leisure activity to the professional practice of sport climbing.

We welcome every new member who shares our goals and is enthusiastic about sport climbing. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can find out about all the membership options here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club community and promoting sport climbing together!

Our board

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Peter Zimmermann

Position in the association:
1. chairman

Tasks in the association:

  • Representation of the association at public authorities
  • Financing

What is my favorite climbing hold?

  • Beerjugs and hourglass

What does climbing mean to me?

Climbing and bouldering is having fun, switching off, testing your limits, hanging out (even sometimes in the rope), trusting each other and discovering unknown muscles.


What else do I do?

  • Helping to save lives or treat serious injuries with new technologies as a research engineer in my medical device company.
  • Sports besides climbing: volleyball, table tennis, alpine skiing, MTB
  • Enjoy the day and now and then look how it goes on...

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Tobias Preisler

Position in the association:
2. chairman

Tasks in the association:

  • Manage website
  • Sponsoring coordination
  • Crowdfunding campaign
  • Project management wall construction
  • Founding member

What is my favorite climbing hold?
Sloper and more open holds

What does climbing mean to me?
Climbing to me means spending quality time with friends, alternating mental and physical challenges, being in nature, continuously working on myself, and experiencing steady improvement through consistency and patience.

What else do I do?

  • High school teacher for sports, biology and NWT
  • Coach for the southwest of Baden-Württemberg
  • Trainer A - competitive sport climbing
  • Member of the teaching team of the jdav Baden-Württemberg
  • Hobby Photographer


Marvin Derst

Position in the association:

Tasks in the association:

  • Accounting, taxes
  • bank transfers
  • Membership administration
  • What is my favorite climbing hold?
  • Crimps, he who puts holds!

What does climbing mean to me?
I associate many things with climbing. First of all, the great passion for this holistic form of movement, which challenges me on different levels (coordinative, physical, psychological, physiognomic :D). Then the great aspect of climbing that it really is absolutely irrelevant how hard you climb. Everyone can do it at some level and as long as the routes are there for it, everyone can do it together accordingly. Finally, I love the aspect that no route in the world is exactly as difficult for anyone as it is for me, everyone must find their own coherent solution to the problem at hand and that is then just harder or easier.

What else do I do?

  • self-employed in the field of experiential education/outdoor training
  • sports climbing instructor (TBSFV)
  • Lecturer at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg
  • master student of sociology
  • state-approved social worker/social pedagogue
  • Member of the teaching team of the jdav Baden-Württemberg


Our members

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Emil Zimmermann


Career highlight:
Vice Youth World Champion title 2021 in Voronezh (RUS)

What do you want to achieve?
Winning a World Cup would of course be something great!

What is your task in the club?
I try to help out wherever something needs to be done, and I also make sure that the Boulderwall e.V. makes the right decisions for the creation of a high-end training facility at the top level.

What is your favorite climbing hold?
Good pinches and generally holds you can pull from a long way! :)

Why is a spraywall so important for you?
If you look around at the "big fish" in the climbing business, you will quickly realize that a meaningful and good training is almost unthinkable without a spraywall. The almost infinite versatility that a definition wall offers to make climbing moves in every conceivable difficulty and to train body awareness and technique, as well as strength and fingers, is now an absolute standard in every successful training plan. The quality of the training also stands and falls with the quality of the defining wall. Since I want to be as far ahead as possible in the competitions, I am therefore dependent on such a modern spray wall.

What do you do outside of

Lots of music and enjoying life

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Jule Morawietz

Favorite boulder:
Prestige Worldwide (fb7b) in the Rocklands because the moves are super versatile, you use a variety of knee benders, toehooks, and heelhooks, and the scenery right next to a creek is beautiful!

What do you want to achieve?
To stay fit for a long time and still be able to boulder and climb hard at 50 and have a lot of fun with the sport. If it has to be concrete: bouldering 8a someday would be great.

What is your task in the club?
I am a founding member and have no fixed task, here and there I advise and help out, depending on what is going on.

What is your favorite climbing hold?
Definitely crimps! The smaller the better :D

Why is a spraywall so important for you?
To be able to work specifically on weaknesses and to share the fun of training with other motivated climbers. Also, I am a coach and I am looking forward to train athletes on a higher level (more individual and specific).

What do you do outside of

I study medicine and am currently writing my doctoral thesis on autism, otherwise I meet lovely people and am a passionate tea drinker.